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Spike is one of the main characters of My Little Pony: Scootertrix the Abridged. He is voiced by Jack Getschman.


Spike is a dragon who used to live in the Badlands.


As a dragon, Spike is still considered as a baby dragon, although he doesn't like being treat as a Kid. He is very crucial about the pony life, as he sometime arguing about how the magic works (including his own letter delivery ability), and about how pony name is affecting their talent. He is also doesn't like Princess Celestia, especially about why she keep sending the Elements of Harmony to various situation without any single support and keep reasoning her attitude with Twilight.

Physical Appearance

Skills and Abilities

Doing chores

In Episode 1, Spike claims to be helpful at doing the dishes, cleaning, and cooking.

Letter Delivery

As a dragon, Spike can send a letter and "probably" a small package with his fire breath.


Twilight Sparkle

Spike is Twilight's roommate.



  • Spike is one of the few character without gender-swapped voice
  • It is revealed that he is 27 years old in Episode 24



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